Guiding Principles

We are dedicated to engaging the Prospect Heights community in political reform, education and awareness, Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform will endorse candidates and support them as they run for office, encourage residents of Prospect Heights to run for office, and hold our elected officials accountable. The club is founded on the idea that the more residents participate and work with local government, the better government will be. PHDR will serve as a forum to address significant issues in the community and help residents engage with local government to solve problems.

We are committed to working to bring trans­parency, accountability, and inclusionary democracy to the Kings County Democratic Party. There are a new set of voters in Brooklyn that need a space to become politically engaged. We want to create that space to harness that energy. We don’t want disaffected democrats disgusted with the party. We want to engage in our party and keep our leaders on track representing the interests of the majority of this community..

We are committed to building a progressive Brooklyn alliance with other organizations that work on issues as disparate as affordable housing, quality public education, responsible environmental policies, livable communities low in crime, with thriving local commercial communities and diverse residents.

We demand of our membership a commitment to Full civil rights for all our members and all New Yorkers regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or physical disability. This includes a commitment to marriage equality for LGBT couples, reproductive
rights for women, full municipal privileges and responsibilities regardless of immigration status, and strengthening diversity in public institutions.


We support the creation and preservation of safe, decent, affordable housing for all New Yorkers — with a particular emphasis on low-income, very-low income, and homeless households — through a strong commitment to strengthening rent regulations, preserving existing subsidized housing, and creating permanently affordable housing.


We support High-quality public education, early childhood development (ages 0 – 5), youth and dropout prevention programs that enable all kids to succeed and aim to eliminate the achievement gap – with academic, athletic, and cultural programs that focus on human development, a commitment to reducing class size, and a strong emphasis on parental involvement.


We support the creation of A more sustainable and environmentally just city, that takes the lead in preserving the environment for generations to come, improving the health of current residents, insuring a sound transportation system, and working toward a more equitable distribution of burdens and benefits.

Strong and Livable Communities

We support the creation of Strong, vibrant, diverse neighborhoods with the physical, order social, cultural and economic infrastructure that sustains healthy communities, and whose voice is genuinely heard in decision-making.


We believe in Criminal justice policies that emphasize prevention, alternatives-to-incarceration, partnership with communities, and police accountability in order to insure public safety and justice.

Small Businesses

We support the nurturing of local small businesses in accordance with the neighborhood.